Composer cheat sheet

Dec 31st, 2012

Usefull commands for composer


Composer documentation Packages for composer :

Install globally on *nix

curl -sS | php
# for ubuntu we sudo
sudo mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer

You can now invoke composer from anywhere.

options for all commands

Not all commands are referenced here for a more exhaustive view please

see Composer commands documentation.

-v verbose -h help -q no output -n no interaction
–profile timing and memory usage -V version    


Command Wat!
composer list available commands
composer init -h print help on init command
composer init launch interactive composer.json creation
composer require add requirement to composer.json
composer require –no-update Disables the automatic update of the dependencies


version span
1.0.2 1.0.2
>, >=, <, <=, != >1.0 // multi >=1.0,<2.0
1.0.* >=1.0,<1.1
~1.2 >=1.2,<2.0
~1.2.3 >=1.2.3,<1.3